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PREPARE WISE offers the best priced and best value in food storage on the internet. The main product of focus is Legacy Premium Food Storage, the highest quality, best tasting, and lowest cost per serving long-term food storage available on the market. We also provide unique survival kits that provide emergency essentials, water filtration systems, and emergency food.

Emergency Gear & Survival Kits - Round out your emergency food supply with survival kits for any situation. Choose from small survival gear kits for auto and office to first aid kits and complete family 72 hour survival kits and bug out bags.
Emergency Survival Kits -
Survival Kits come in many different shapes and sizes and come with a wide range of different survival gear. Legacy Survival Kits have some very helpful, critical tools that will be essential items to add to your emergency preparations. Choose from basic kits to very situational specific kits, such as our cold weather or hurricane kit.

Self Defense Kits - Self defense is often something overlooked when putting together emergency preparations. Legacy Self-Defense Kits combine non-lethal items that are valuable tools to help protect your most precious assets. From Pepper Sprayers to blinding tactical flashlights, these kits are meant to defend you at home or on the road.
Miscellaneous Survival Gear - Survival gear can take on many forms, from first aid kits to sanitation toilet kits to fuel sources, you never know what you might need to survive a disaster. These unique items are sometimes overlooked, but very necessary to include in your survival preparations



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