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MUSIC TEACHERS HELPER is the easiest way to manage your private music studio - it is a web-based computer program designed by music teachers for music teachers, to take the frustration out of managing your studio. It handles billing, lesson schedules, communication and tax reports, and is constantly being updated with new features.  I especially like the monthly newsletter with lots of helpful advice.
Here are just a few of the many things you'll be able to do with Music Teacher's Helper:

- Schedule lessons for your students and see them on an interactive calendar!
- Track your students' payments. See both those payments you've received and who still owes you money!
- Update your studio website with your teaching policy, photos, and more. This is always Free.
- Offer logins to each of your students so they can access the site from anywhere to see their own lesson schedules and payment history!
- Create, print, and send professional invoices and billing statements to your students!
- Create and view reports for tax purposes, or just to track your studio growth!
- Send your students e-mail reminders about recitals, competitions, and even your own newsletter, all at the click of a button!
- Track items you've lent to your students.
- All this and so much more!!

If you're not sure how much Music Teacher's Helper can help you in your studio, ask those who use it. You'll find that Music
Teacher's Helper will not only save you time, but also make you more professional and add value to what you offer your students.
Here's a comment from a voice and piano teacher in Florida:

"I love to teach music but hated the book keeping and invoices and all the other baggage that comes with teaching in your own
private studio. I currently have 25 active students and more signing on in the fall and I could not do it without this
program. It has helped me to stay tremendously organized and I am always hearing from parents and students how professional I
am with the e-mails, reminders, and invoices.

"Music Teachers Helper has taken my studio to the next level and I am eternally grateful for that. The value that you get for the
price that you pay does not even measure up to all that you receive. This is a MUST for any private teacher who takes
teaching music seriously and wants to go to that next level!"

— Tina Smothers
Voice and Piano teacher

Here's one more from a teacher in Virginia:

"I must say...I love this service. It has helped organize so many aspects of teaching - my calendar, my notes, my lesson
planning, and my income (making tax time much, much easier and faster). It is great having a teaching website that I can use to
help with student registration and resource organization. I am very, very pleased with this service. Thank you so much!"

— Brittany Frompovich
Electric Bass, Double Bass, Guitar, Cello, Theory, Band
Coaching, etc. teacher
Fredericksburg, VA

There are more testimonials on the Music Teachers Helper site

Tips for Easier Lesson Scheduling
One of the most important benefits of Music Teachers Helper (MTH) is that students can look up information at their convenience: they can look up online when their next lesson is, what they did in their last lesson, what their payment situation is - and if you wish, they can look up alternative lesson times in case they need to schedule a makeup.
At this time of year, teachers are scheduling lessons for the Fall, and MTH can make that much easier. Who hasn't had to play phone tag or use multiple emails to schedule a lesson?
Read about how Music Teacher's Helper can make scheduling easier for you!

Approaches to Practicing
I didn't get to practice as much as I had hoped. Is that the most commonly heard statement by music teachers? Or is it, I played it better at home! As teachers we often expect different kinds of practice from one student to another and even different ways of practicing from the same student, depending what's being worked on and what the student needs at the moment.
See a list of some of the ways we think about practicing. Do you see it and/or teach it in any or all of these ways?
Are you finding students online?
There are many websites out there that help students find a teacher. Your Music Teacher's Helper Studio Website also helps give you a professional on-line presence. Have you had success finding new students on-line? If so, which methods have worked best for you?
Read and share your comments

Online Booking Made Easier
You asked for it! You got it! Now it's even easier to let students pick their schedules online. You can also create group events that your students can register for. And it's all automatic!

How to Charge Different Amounts for Group Events
When creating an event, you'll now notice a "Cost" option. This lets you set the cost for any event upfront, which simplifies a lot of things.

Worried about Online Payments ?
Have no fear! It's easy to detect a fraudulent email if you just know what to look for.

More Proof of the Benefits of Music Education
Yet another study has come out this month, demonstrating the value of music in general education. Take a look at their findings.




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