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AMERICAN TEA ROOM  offer the finest and most spectacular teas along with an unsurpassed selection of accessories

and accoutrements to
help enhance your tea experience. We are excited to bring our retail experience to our online store. American Tea Room is a

brick and mortar store  that has been in Beverly Hills for several years and has a successful online store already. Under their

previous brand of Le Palais Gourmet  they were featured on the Oprah list twice. We believe in offering a selection beyond the

mundane and ordinary. American Tea Room  will exceed your expectations with our premium loose leaf teas, insightful

knowledge and discerning service carefully provided  by our Tea Ambassadors who have spent years roving the world in the quest

for the extraordinary. Our products are always in stock or available within 48 hours, our orders are shipped the day they are received,
our customer service is unsurpassed, our packaging is beautiful.
  1992 Vintage Pu Er Tea
This rare, aged pu er has small, cocoa-, caramel- and espresso-colored leaves with enticing aromas of wood, earth, cocoa and minerals. It produces an impressive, nearly opaque, ruby-brown-black brew with aromas of sweet earth tones and bold scents of cedar and ash.The first infusion has a light, earthy minerality, like crushed gravel, and an old-growth-forest mossiness. Later infusions are smoother, loamier and less woody. Across infusions, the smooth flavor of our Pu Er Vintage 1992 has earned it a place in the hearts of many of the world?s tea enthusiasts.


2, 4, 6 or 8 - Cup Salam Tea Pot
Form meets function in white porcelain and chrome. No wonder these oh-so-French-modern teapots are a customer favorite! Lift the chrome lid to reveal a white felt cozy underlayer on its interior ? perfect for keeping your tea hotter longer. Inside the pot is a deep, tightly woven stainless steel wire infuser basket with a sturdy, stationary handle. The Guy Degrennes Salam Teapots are available in four sizes: 2 cups, 4 cups, 6 cups and 8 cups (our ?hostess teapot?). 6 CUP TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK


  American Tea Room Black Signature Teapot
I?ve searched the world from Paris to Shanghai to find the perfect teapots and teacups to best enjoy tea. Its what makes American Tea Room unique. No other store has the selection of teacups, teapots and accessories to insure your continued enjoyment. Well I recently discovered an ideal teapot that has several unrivaled features:First its visually stunning, an amorphous round shape with a delicate yet sturdy handle graced by a dimpled top that resembles a Hershey?s kiss. Its durable made of top grade matte glazed ceramic. It is functional, the spout is dripless, it has a deep stainless removable infuser basket and it has options: either black or white. The quality is great and its made in Japan. The capacity is ideal for personal use or for two......you wouldn?t know it from looking at it but it holds 17 ounces. Goes perfectly with our Signature Tea Cup.
Ancient Moonlight Organic Tea
NOW ON SALE - SPECIALLY PRICED. Available in 3.5 and Sample Size only. Classic and captivating, Ancient Moonlight is organically grown and hand-harvested in Yunnan?s Da Yeh region during a short window of time each spring. It is a Bai Mu Dan-style white tea with paper-thin leaves and thick, velvety, shimmering buds in colors ranging from inkwell blue-black and espresso to walnut shell taupe and silver-sage. The woody aroma of the leaves only hints at the golden caramel infusion?s unusually rich, dense scents of ripe melons, fresh apricots, sweet honeysuckle and cut bamboo.Although Ancient Moonlight undeniably sweet, it is not sugary. Seductive fruit and floral notes of honeysuckle, cantaloupe, honeydew and sprite melon are balanced by a hint of Bing cherry and an earthy undertone reminiscent of a fine Darjeeling Second Flush. A thick-yet-clean mouthfeel and slight astringency give way to a fruity, cool, almost tingly finish with earthy notes and hints of golden raisin sweetness.
Antique Pu Er Organic Tea
LIMITED TIME SALE - ORIGINAL PRICE $28 - ON SALE FOR $22.00 Our organic Antique Pu Er was harvested from ancient tea trees in Yunnan. Its large, dark leaves hold scents of cedar, fallen trees, loam and mosses. The brew is ruby-black and nearly opaque. It smells strongly of moss, and has delicate but dark notes of earth. There is no bitterness or acidity to this remarkable brew ? it remains smooth, velvety and sweet, with notes of autumn leaves, across multiple infusions.Antique Pu Er is a personal favorite of Katie, our ?Tea Mistress? (our store?s tea educator).This tea is certified USDA organic.
Unpolished Large Cherrybark Caddy
Unpolished cherry bark gives this Japanese tea caddy a rustic look and feel. The interior is double-walled stainless steel. This tea caddy is available in two sizes. Medium: 4.75? tall, 3? in diameter Large: 6.25? tall, 3? in diameter
Unpolished Medium Cherrybark Caddy
Unpolished cherry bark gives this Japanese tea caddy a rustic look and feel. The interior is double-walled stainless steel. This tea caddy is available in two sizes. Medium: 4.75? tall, 3? in diameter Large: 6.25? tall, 3? in diameter
Apricot Black Tea
A delicious black tea blended with sweet apricots and flowers. Great hot or iced!
Avongrove Organic Darjeeling Tea FTGFOP1
This fine, tippy, high grade 2nd Flush Darjeeling from Avongrove Estate is comprised of medium-well-oxidized leaves flecked with silvery buds. It has a dry aroma of milk chocolate and sour green grapes with a hint of unripe red plums. It brews into a clear, deep amber infusion that carries aromas of sliced, unripe green grapes, more milk chocolate and a hint of white flowers. The bright, invigorating flavor is crisp with the acidity of green grapes. It has some sweet-astringent floral tones and a hint of cocoa powder.This tea is certified USDA organic.
Bancha Organic Green Tea
Our organic large leaf Japanese green tea from the later harvest infuses a bold and altogether refreshing spirit. Its grassy bouquet is enhanced by a pale yellow-green hue. This tea is certified USDA organic.
  Bento Box Black Tea Collection
Our most popular black teas are combined for an exploration in terroir and flavors in the Black Tea Collection. It includes unflavored teas from India (Margaret?s Hope Second Flush, Maharajah Assam and Notting Hill breakfast blend), Sri Lanka (Ceylon Black) and China (Grand Yunnan Imperial). It also includes three of our best-selling teas: Brioche (a decadently flavored black tea), Tangier (an apricot-saffron black tea) and Earl Grey Shanghai (a Yunnan black Earl Grey). Each tea is packaged in a stainless steel tin. The set comes in a Japanese black lacquer bento box. It includes elegant silken tea sachets for easy infusing.
Bento Box Red Tea Collection
This collection is free of caffeine and full of taste. Wide-ranging in flavor, it includes classic Chamomile Blossoms, relaxing Red Vanilla, enticing Lemoncello Rooibos, soothing Provence, spicy Chai Rouge, tropical Martinique, exotic St. Tropez and tart-sweet Blueberry Rooibos. Each tea is packaged in a stainless steel tin. The set comes in a Japanese black lacquer bento box. It includes elegant silken tea sachets for easy infusing.

Blueberry Rooibos Organic Tea

Blueberry Rooibos is an organic, sweet-tart, antioxidant-rich, caffeine-free infusion. Its deep, cedar- and burgundy-colored leaves are peppered with blueberries, schizandra berries and hibiscus. The garnet-yam-colored brew has a tangy-sweet, berry-filled aroma and flavor, with abundant notes of blueberry and a gentle earthy undertone. The tartness of this rooibos blend makes it even better when it?s honey-sweetened and iced.This tea is certified USDA organic.
Cabochon Tea
A high quality Qimen black tea from Anhui provence with star anise and honey, creating a sublime and smooth licorice flavor.



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